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      I’ve been trying to use the looper algorythm, and it’s been a tricky experience. especially since i’m still learning the h90’s workflow.


      But there seem to be some bugs/erratic behaviour: sometimes parameters will switch by them selves after loading a program. I think they revert with to the default setting. I change the settings, save, and one or two times later when i load the program, the parameters have reset to the default. very annoying in a live situation, where i didn’t have the time to check every parameter setting.


      Also, the dry/wet behaviour seems wrong: when i set the looper to no kill dry, and the looper mix parameter to 100 percent, i get fulll volume throughput of the input. Whereas i would expect silence (looper buffer is at max, input is at zero) instead the dry/wet setting does nothing. Until i start recording. Once i have a full buffer, it does behave correctly, and the mix knob crossfades between input and looped buffer.


      This is a very anoying behaviour. i have a two algorythm preset, where the first is a looper and the second is some kind of delay or reverb.

      The pedal is on a mixer send. I do not need to hear the dry input signal most of the time, as those are on the channel faders. So i keep my mix setting to 100 percent. Only the buffered loop is audible.


      occasionally, i don’t want to loop, but just send something to the second algorythm to add some effect to live parts. In this case, i would lower the mix knob of the looper and set the effect (preset2) to full wet (mix 100 percent)

      Unfortunatyely i cannot do this as long as there is no buffer recorded, and before that, the input signal will go straight through, causing a doubling of levels. I can set the kill dry to ‘on’, then i never have any dry signal, works great for looping, but now i cannot use the pedal as a reverb/delay effects send.


      I’d like to ask the development team to consider making it so that the looper mix algorythm always goes from 100 percent tinput to zero input. This seems much more sensible, and for people wanting to monitor and play straight to the looper, they would just put the mix knob to 50 percent, as i thought all loopers did?


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      Sorry for the issues you are having.

      Can you be more specific about which parameters are switching by themselves when loading Presets/Programs? Any specific parameters? Some of the parameters change depending on whether you are recording or if a loop is playing back etc.

      I understand your confusion about the mix knob, but that is how it has always worked on our loopers. It’s a mix control between the dry audio and the looper playback, so if there is no looper playback, there is nothing to mix.

      Does your mixer have multiple sends? It may be better to use dual mode and use 2 sends with 2 FX paths on the H90.

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