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      Hello, yesterday I tried to update my H90 to the new firmware. I was on an older H90 Control (1.4.1) app and I first tried to update my H90 (I learned later that I actually first needed to update the app). It said “waiting for H90 to restart”. After a while I unplugged the unit because it seems that it didn’t do anything (I waited for half an hour) and powered it up again. All it would do is say “Eventide” on the screen and all the lights were lit up. I tried entering recovery mode and plugged back into H90 control and it said that I need to update my software. But whatever software update I do it stays on the ’Eventide’ screen.


      I even tried to do a factory reset but It doesn’t respond.


      What is the best thing to do now?

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      Eventide Staff

      Sorry to hear you are having issues. It looks like you have submitted a support ticket, thanks for contacting us that way. We can help you troubleshoot this further there.


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      @talesmusic did they get back to you with a fix?

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      They did! They made me try a different Macbook and it successfully updated which I found weird because my Mac is newer and more powerful. But it is working again so no complaint

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