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      I’m looking for some clarification on the control of System Level parameters via MIDI CC#… Specifically, Control of P, A, B switching parameters.

      There are a number of parameters that can be accessed via MIDI CC# at the system level, However, when it comes to P, A, B switching (enable/disable) there are two selections for each of these functions. One is clear, “P Act/Byp”… The Second is “P Act/Byp (M)”. (also applies to A & B switching as well.)

      “P Act/Byp” = Program Active/Bypass Toggle

      “P Act/Byp (M)” = Program Active/Bypass Momentary

      So when these functions are mapped to MIDI CC# = X,  they do not appear to be functioning as described.

      Example: (H90 MIDI CH2)

      1. System Setting mapped as “P Act/Byp” = CC#0, “P Act/Byp (M)”= OFF,  with Controller set to Toggle OR Momentary… When controller sends MIDI CC, No “P” Act/Byp” switching occurs.

      2. Set “P Act/Byp” to “OFF”… Map “P Act/Byp (M)” to CC#0… When controller sends MIDI CC, P on pedal functions as expected. Set source MIDI controller switch to either MOMENTARY or TOGGLE… Each switch mode functions correctly… and is NOT Momentary. When the signal switching is set to Momentary or Toggle at the source controller, The “P Act/Byp (M)” functions as I would expect “P Act/Byp” to function. “P Act/Byp (M)” does NOT function at all.

      This is the same for “A Act/Byp”, “A Act/Byp (M)” and “B Act/Byp”, “B Act/Byp (M)”

      I could just say… Cool! it’s working using the (M) versions of the functions… and move on. But just trying to understand, what else would be required in order to make these System Level functions to operate as described in the System List in H90 Control page.

      I did try changing the MIN & MAX values (0 & 127 respectively) throughout their ranges when sending CC# to “P Act/Byp” to see if there was perhaps something there… but that’s not the case. “P Act/Byp” (A & B too) just doesn’t function. Without a documented MIDI Implementation Guide of some kind, I’m basically guessing.

      Is there any information that any Eventide person can provide on this functionality. (Block diagram and MIDI Impl. chart has been posted to my previous post.)

      Thanx in Advance.


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      What is the MIDI controller you are using? Looking at your diagram, is it the GT-1000? It would be useful to connect that to a MIDI monitor to see what CC values are being sent with your different switching options.

      For “P Act/Byp” a CC value of 64 or greater will toggle between active/bypassed.

      For “P Act/Byp (M)” a CC value less than 64 will bypass the Program. A CC value of 64 or greater will be activate the Program.


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