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      I’ve been controlling my H90 via midi with a hotone midi controller.  Works great with changing presets from song to song.  H90 is midi channel 1

      i added my timefactor on the mix set to midi channel 2 connected via the thru on the h90.  Midi is connected:  hotone->h90->TF.

      the tempo for the h90 presets, when set to transmit, will go to the TF.  But the tempos don’t match.  H90 says 90, TF says 89-87.  H90 says 127, TF says 124.

      Any ideas why the difference?

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      Eventide Staff

      Do the tempos match in the sound?  Does the difference persist if you swap the order of H90 and TimeFactor?  When you see the difference, what tempo do you have the MIDI CLK generator set to generate?

      The H90 benefits from many improvements to the tracking of MIDI CLK, so it is possible that it is just providing you a more accurate reading.

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