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      Apologies if the answer is hiding in plain sight…


      Is there a way to toggle tempo sync on/off via MIDI?

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      HI fiddlercrabseason,

      No, there is no way to toggle tempo sync via MIDI. You could use two duplicate programs, one with sync, one without.

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        Here’s a use case where one might want to be able to toggle tempo sync:

        1) I record a 16-bar, tempo synced loop,

        2) With tempo sync active, if I change the speed momentarily, perhaps to overdub, perhaps to just toggle between speeds, tempo sync will inevitably re-start the loop from the beginning in order to stay synced.  While that certainly can be useful in some situations, I would generally prefer that the loop not re-start from the beginning when I change playback speed.

        3) But if I could toggle tempo sync off prior to changing playback speed, I could change speeds to my ear’s content without the inevitable ‘playback from the beginning’ that the tempo sync imposes on playback in order to “catch up” (or “slow down”)  to itself.

        4) When I’m done overdubbing/mangling/etc., I could then toggle tempo sync back on…  or not, and just let it drift.

        Further, with a Morningstar controller (for example) I could send a series of messages such that with each speed change, tempo sync gets toggled off/on before/after each speed change.  Currently the only way to execute this series of commands is a) toggle tempo sync on the H90 itself, by hand, via parameters -> press [preset+parameters], b) change speed(s) via my MIDI controller, c) toggle tempo sync back on by hand, which can be a pain.  Additionally, I then have to then press Perform in order to get back to the main program page, which can also a pain.

        Please consider adding the ability to toggle tempo sync off/on to a future firmware update.  The H90’s looper is already very good, but I’m certain that with some additional/improved functionality it can be great.

        Thanks for your consideration.

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