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      I have tried adjusting the parameters and the input and output gain controls using factory presets where the the Envelope mode is active and created my own presets and can not get the Envelope mode to work at all whether it be Envelope Mix/Rate (+/-). I have watched the (nicely put together) Eventide Tutorial pt. 1 among other videos to grasp all the controls…no luck.

      I’m using the guitar instrument “mode” for the Systems settings and am using a Suhr S style guitar with Humbuckers and Single Coils.


      What am I missing? Thoughts?

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      Eventide Staff

      Thanks for reporting this. I can reproduce this behavior and I’ve logged it as a bug, we’ll get this fixed in a future software release.

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      Ah, OK. I figured it was user error on my part but am happ-ish to learn it isn’t but is due to a bug. I’ll be eagerly looking for the update.

      Thanks for confirming that too, I was getting pretty frustrated tweaking it over several sessions trying to figure it out.

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