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      Just ordered an H90.

      Im wanting to know if I can run this unit in a two amp configuration.

      Amp 1  use FX send and return

      Amp 2 use FX send and return

      I have a switcher to toggle between amps…

      I use two amps for the softer bluesy material and another for the heavier rock.

      Would like to eleminate some pedals on my board with this H90.

      Is this possible to do, and have fx on each channel the same or different?


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      Eventide Staff

      Yes, this is possible using Dual Routing.

      Let me know if you have any questions.

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      Thank you,

      Am I able to have 2 fx on : Amp 1 send to H90 input 1, H90 output 1 to Amp 1 return

      And 2 FX on: Amp 2 send to H90 input 3, H90 output 3 to Amp 2 return


Viewing 2 reply threads
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