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      i’m planning a new pedalboard where the goal is to be able to insert h90 algos before my drive pedals, between the drive pedals and the dream ’65, and after the dream ’65 but before the source audio collider. i want to double check that the below signal path / routing scheme is viable before i get too far down the road:

      [mono input path] guitar > h90 input one

      [insert loop 1] h90 output 3 > drive pedals > h90 input 3

      [insert loop 2] h90 output 4 > ua dream > h90 input 3

      [stereo output path] h90 outputs 1 & 2 >> sa collider >> daw


      your thoughts are much appreciated!




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      Insert Loop 2 will need to return to H90 input 4, but that looks like it may be a typo.

      Yes, this looks fine. You will have 2 mono insert paths; 1 for your drive pedals and 1 your UA Dream. These can move around in the H90’s signal path by adjusting the insert routing. Then, the H90 will output stereo to the SA Collider, and that will output stereo to your DAW.

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      yes, typo. thanks for confirming!just pulled the trigger on the remaining pieces so looking forward to wiring this up and reporting back

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