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      I’m considering using the H90 with my Two Notes Captor X load box/amp sim which outputs a balanced stereo line level signal (XLR) from my tube amp. Sounds like the H90 can accept line level signal but the inputs/outputs are unbalanced.  Will there be any issues with noise or anything going from my load box/amp sim setup into the H90 unbalanced?  It’s usually not “technically” ideal to go from balanced to unbalanced, but is there a real-world issue here?

      An H90 would be 100% an at-home studio tool for me and having a stereo amp setup seems overkill for my needs.  However, it feels like I’d be shortchanging myself not using the stereo-ness of the H90’s capabilities. That’s why I like the idea of using it after my mono amp signal has been made stereo and balanced for recording by the Captor X.  Otherwise I think I’d really only be able to use it mono either going into the front of the amp, or in the effects loop.

      Should I just get high-quality, short as possible, XLR to TS cables for getting in and out of the H90 and go for it?  Merge cold w/ ground on unbalanced TS side?


      Curious any thoughts you may have!  Thanks!

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      You can use either an XLR to TS cable, or an XLR to TRS cable and you will be fine. The H90 has unbalanced inputs, but will accept a balanced TRS cable without issues. Just make sure you configure the H90’s inputs to line level.

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      very helpful, thanks for the feedback!

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