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      Hi please see video link from Brett, I did message him today, but he cannot remember his set up. https://youtu.be/tDREK8v4Xx4

      <span style=”font-size: inherit;”>Therefore, can someone please confirm the best H90 set up in dual mode via my Quad Cortex, which has 2 effects loops (send & returns) like Brett’s video albeit he’s using an Axe FX.</span>

      My guitar is going straight into the quad cortex’s input first, then the guitar signal feeds into the QC’s digital signal path: wah block, compressor block, an OD block, then effects loop 1 (H90 path A) is before the amp model block, effects loop 2 (H90 path B) placed after the amp block, then there’s a speaker cab block, EQ block and so on.

      My QC effects loop one is via H90’s in and out (1) and the QC effects loop two is via H90s in and out (3). And I am using TS patch cables.

      Please could you confirm best practice & set up for me: for example do you select line level instead of instrument and if so all ins/outs? Do I need to change the input and output parameters at all? Kill dry on or off? Do the DSP, polarity and latency settings require amending for digital amp modellers?

      Basically any tips you can recommend please that you believe are different to the ‘factory default settings’ as there not any detailed videos I can find using 4 cable method this way with modellers.

      Thanks in advance.

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      Hi dtaylor540,

      The signal flow you’ve described sounds correct. As to whether or not the operating levels on the H90 should be set to instrument or line, I am going to guess “instrument” levels, since that’s what properly modeled amps are expecting at the input – an instrument-level signal. However, the post effects path (QC insert 2) will depend on where the QC is connected to. If you’re connecting it to an interface or a FOH mixer, perhaps it may be better to set the H90’s output to line level. Experiment to see what sounds best. To be sure the H90 operating level is set properly, you should not be hearing any volume jumps when you activate the H90 in the signal path.

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