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      I have been using my H90 in a GigRig G3 loop (2 actually) and the Friedman IRX in another loop together with other pedals, all in a mono rig direct to FOH for my live band. Sounds excellent.

      At home now I want to setup a W/D/W rig with ONLY the H90 and the IRx onto a Matrix power amp for the wet sides and a QSC K10 for the dry.  I am a little confused how to set it all up. Essentially I want the IRX obviously in allnspeakers and 5he stereo wets in the L/R speakers (Marshall 1936s). I need an IR on the dry channel (that would be from the IRX main balanced out and no IRs on the wets (from the IRX Loop out which does not have IRs on it).

      Any ideas?



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      Check out this section of our Part 3 H90 tutorial where we discuss Wet-Dry rigs. I think the section beginning on 18:10 would be most relevant to you since you want the preamp sound of the IR-X in all speakers, but only want the IR on the dry. Basically, plug into the Friedman and take the send from the IR-X to the wet section of the rig. Check it out:


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