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      I have a H90 on order and would like to confirm a couple points regarding wet/dry/wet routing in advance.

      My Soldano Astro 20 Amplifier has a balanced output with integrated IR Loader. My plan is to use this output as the dry channel and connecting it directly to my Audio Interface (Babyface Pro). I would then connect the H90 to the Ampfier’s FX Loop send output. Lastly I would output from the H90 in stereo directly to my Babyface.

      The two questions I have are;

      1) Do I need to use an Isolation Transformer between the Soldano and the H90?

      2) Do I need an IR Loader between the H90 and my Babyface.

      Thanks in advance.


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      Eventide Staff

      Congratulations on the new H90!

      1. You should not need an isolation transformer for this setup.

      2. This is up to you, but the H90 as the wet channel in this setup should sound just fine without an additional IR loader.

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      Perfect, thx for the speedy reply!

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