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      I’m a new H90 user and I’m trying to get it integrated into my setup with the Boss ES-8 as my loop switcher / midi controller. Based on Eventide’s tutorial videos and some of the threads here in this forum, it sounds like you should be able to connect the H90 into two separate loops in the ES-8 and move those loops wherever you want in the signal chain (essentially splitting the H90 into two separate pedals with dual mode). This isn’t working for me when I attempt to do it myself, so I’m hoping somebody can help me figure out what I’m doing wrong. Here’s how I currently have it set up:


      Boss ES-8 loop 6 send > H90 input 1

      Boss ES-8 loop 6 return > H90 output 1

      Boss ES-8 loop 7 send > H90 input 3

      Boss ES-8 loop 7L return > H90 output 3

      H90 set to dual mode with pre/post routing configuration.

      Note: Loop 7 has a stereo output, but it is set to mono only in the ES-8’s system settings – this is part of a bass rig so it’s a fully mono setup.


      Nothing seems glaringly wrong to me in the initial setup here (I used this tutorial video from Eventide as a reference), but here’s what happens when I try to use the H90 in this configuration.


      Enable loop 6 in Boss ES-8: sound cuts out entirely, as if I hit the mute switch.

      Enable loop 7 in Boss ES-8: same thing, sound cuts out.

      Enable loops 6 & 7 together: H90 comes on, and functions normally.


      So my first question is, is this normal? Should I be able to enable one loop at a time on the ES-8 (e.g. loop 6 active, loop 7 inactive) with the H90, or do both loops need to be active in order for the H90 to work properly in dual mode?


      Lastly, when I have both loops 6 & 7 activated and I’m playing through the H90, I’m not able to separate the two loops from one another. If I move any other loop between loops 6 and 7, the sound cuts out again completely muting my signal. For example, I have an overdrive on loop 5 and if I want to put it between two effects on the H90, the signal will cut out if I run loop 6 into loop 5 into loop 7. Shouldn’t I be able to move the two presets from the H90 around to different positions in my signal chain?


      I hope this makes sense! Any help or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.



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      hi I want to know how to register a pedal (h90) that I bought used and its already registerd???



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        Eventide Staff

        Please contact support@eventide.com and provide a picture of your serial number for help with registration.

        In the future, please create a new post rather than commenting on an existing post if your issue does not relate to the other user’s post.

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      Looks like I solved my own problem! Just turned out I had a couple of wires crossed, got everything patched correctly and we’re good to go. I’d go ahead and delete this post but it doesn’t look like there’s a way to do that.



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        Eventide Staff

        Glad to hear you figured it out!

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