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      I recently got an H90 to use with my Denon x1850 mixer and the results are less than pleasing.  I’m gettign massive volume roll off when I turn the FX knob all the way to the right on the mixer.   I’ve tried changing the settings in the pedal (made sure ins/outs are all set to “line” made sure Kill Dry is turned on, etc) but I still can’t get a decent sound. The only sound I get is awful, distorted, slightly phased, there’s loud almost thumping sounds, no matter which preset I’m using.  I did try the H90 with a guitar, and it sounded glorious, so I’m (mostly) sure there is nothing wrong with the pedal.  Any info that could help me sort this out would be greatly appreciated!

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      It sounds like you are experiencing phase issues with your mixer’s FX loop. Beyond enabling Kill Dry, there is not any further configuration on the H90 that would help with this.

      If you are having the same issue with another effects processor or stombox in the FX loop, I would suggest contacting Denon support and seeing what they suggest.


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