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      Hey all,
      I’ve been testing different routing solutions.

      I think I have worked out my ideal Audio signal chain.

      Originally I had the H90 in the Loop of the GT1K and then realised use the H90 in 4CM with the GT1K.

      GAT -> H90 IN 1 -> H90 OUT 1 -> GT1K IN -> GT1K SEND L+R -> H90 IN 3+4 -> H90 OUT 3+4 -> GT1K RET L+R -> GT1K OUT L+R -> AMPS/DI/INTERFACE

      But what I don’t understand with the H90 is the difference between Insert mode and Dual Mode.

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      Eventide Staff


      Insert mode can be thought of as 1 main audio path for the H90 (I/O 1-2) , with 2 mono or 1 stereo insert points. These insert points can be placed anywhere in the main path.

      Dual Mode instead has 2 paths (Path 1 = I/O 1-2, Path 2 = I/O 3-4). There are no insert points in Dual Mode.

      It sounds like you want to be using Dual Mode for your setup. Let me know if that clears things up.


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      Thank you for the reply 🙂

      Sorry if I’m asking a more straightforward question

      So my signal chain looks like this:

      GAT -> H90 with GT1K in the Loop

      The term “Insert” gives me the impression that there is the capability of inserting an effect (Send and return) into the signal chain

      I thought that was the same as 4CM? where the preamp is “inserted” into the H90 signal path?

      Thank you so much again for your support! I love Eventide!

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      Eventide Staff

      You’re welcome.

      You are correct about your impression of the term “insert”. That can be anything from a preamp, distortion, delay pedal etc.

      What I refer to as 4CM can also be thought of as Pre/Post, where an amplifier has an FX loop. The “Pre” path goes directly to the input of the amp, the “Post” path is the amp’s FX loop. This is shown here: https://cdn.eventideaudio.com/manuals/h90/1.5.2/content/setup/pre-post.html

      Dual Mode with 4CM or Pre/Post may be desirable with your setup if you wanted the H90’s effects on a separate path from the GT1000. You could have the GT1000 + H90 effects on Path 1 with nothing on path 2, or GT1000 on Path 1 and H90 on Path 2. You would need some way to mix the signals together.

      You could also process 2 instruments at once, for example, guitar on Path 1 and synth on path 2.

      You should use whatever works for your setup. The GT1000 on the insert path of the H90 sounds like a good option.

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