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      i recently purchased a switcher…

      as i was told in a previous topic, the ideal way to connect the H90 with the switcher is in dual mode

      ” should use Input 1/ Output 1 for the first loop in the switcher, and Input 3 / Output 3 for the second loop”

      therefore the H90 will act as  2 separate processors: Path 1 = I/O 1-2 , Path 2 = I/O 3-4. Any combination of Presets can be placed on either path. If you are using it with a switcher that allows you to rearrange the order of the loops, then you could place Path 1 or Path 2 at different points of your signal path to be Pre or Post.


      i am thinking of purchasing a MixingLink by Eventide so i can be able to use the H90 also for vocals.

      The idea is for example:

      patch no1 in my switcher: path 1 of the H90 used by the guitar, and path 2 of the H90 also used by the guitar

      patch no2 in my switcher: path 1 of the H90 used by the guitar, and path 2 of the H90 used by the microphone

      patch no3 in my switcher: path 1 of the H90 used by the microphone, and path 2 of the H90 also used by the microphone


      Is that possible with the mixinglink ?

      what should the connections be ?

      will i be able to set each of the 2 algorithms of the H90 to be used by either microphone+guitar, microphone+microphone, guitar+guitar differently on every patch <span style=”font-size: inherit;”>OR will one path be able to be used only by microphone and the other by the guitar for every patch i create on my looper/switcher ?</span>



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      I’m not sure if this is possible. Where do you envision the microphone signal being output to? If the MixingLink is in your switcher loop, it would be output with your guitar signal, and that is probably not desired. I’m assuming you’d want the microphone output on its own line to a PA or separate speaker.

      A simpler setup would be using Path 1 in the switcher for your guitar, and Path 2 with the MixingLink for your vocals, . This configuration is demonstrated here: https://cdn.eventideaudio.com/manuals/h90/1.3.0/content/setup/mixinglink.html

      With this configuration, you could use both Presets on Path 1 or 2, or one Preset on either Path.

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