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      Just wondering if the H90 has extra hidden expression pedal or external switches that an OX pedal can be developed for it like for the H9.  I have a 3 switch pedal and an expression pedal working with the H90.  Now that I am becoming more familiar with the H90 I could certainly use a few more external switches for live work!
      But looking at a silver lining, maybe now is the time to learn how to use MIDI to do what a few more external switches could do!

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      Hi roverdog,

      Currently, there isn’t a dedicated 3 button switch pedal in development, but there are many companies that off auxiliary switches. If you are looking for a list of mappable parameters you can check out this link: https://cdn.eventideaudio.com/manuals/h90/1.3.0/content/appendix/global.html. In addition, any parameter you find in the Parameters menu of each Program can be mapped externally.

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      I contacted Barn to see if they were developing anything and got put on a waiting list if there were any developments. I would contact them directly also – the more people that do, the more likely we’ll see something…

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