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      Keeping compatibility with old projects while having the ability to make updates to user created algorithms is very important to me.   To that end, here some things I wish were possible:


      1. Emote session keeps a copy of the entire system state including any user created algorithms.

      The benefit of this feature is that when the inevitable time to update a user algorithm occurs, you could just overwrite the old one without fear that loading up an old DAW project using Emote would be broken.


      2. Allow relocation of user algorithms and increase the number of available user algo. memory locations.

      These features would benefit if the above is not possible. A user could take on the practice of version# iterating their algorithms and in this way not worry about breaking old sessions.  Old versions could be  moved to a different user bank to get them out of the way. Currently emote is very ‘dumb’ in this regard, you can’t move a user algo. to a different memory location without breaking an Emote project.  There is also only 100 locations for user algos which would run out very quickly if you were keeping multiple copies of algorithms loaded for old session compatibility


      3. Folders for user algorithms Useful as above for organizing multiple versions of the same algorithm.


      4. Allow minor updating of user algorithms  without breaking old Sessions, Presets, Emote Projects, etc. 

      If the user interface elements of an algorithm remain the same, session compatibility should be maintained.  This way tweaks or bug fixes can be made without creating an entirely new Algorithm. Even if knob range or granularity settings are changed, compatibility should be retained as well as possible.

      Thanks for hearing my thoughts on this.  I love creating algorithms for the H9k and for me it is the primary draw of using it.  I really wish the user experience could be improved in this regard.

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      John Baylies

      Thanks for the suggestions, Patchen!

      We are keeping all of this in mind as we develop Emote.

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      John, I just saw that there are spectral delays in Gen.  I don’t yet have Max but man this is exactly the kind of thing that would be so awesome on the Eventide platform.  Hopefully something like that is in the works….   🙂

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