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      I’m interested in the H910 but I am on OS10.6.8 which is just shy of the 10.7 minimum requirement.

      Sometimes theres a little wiggle room, and i was hoping it could still work. My Macbook Pro is 64-bit and i do use iLok. My DAW is DP9… and would be using the H910 with AU. Is it safe for my machine to at least try? Or will it gum up the works etc. Is there an earlier Installer for Snow Leopard which may facilitate this? Any info or advice would be greatly appreciated!


      thanks much,


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      Well, you could always install H910 and use the 30 day demo to check if everything is working correctly.  It shouldn't hurt anything.  Our installer just installs the plugin and some presets.  I won't speculate on whether or not this will work, as I haven't been involved with that plugin, but one of my colleagues might jump in with an opinion.

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      thank you for the quick reply, we appreciate it!! 

      It’s not a “no” at least…

       Would be great if one of your colleagues that’s very familiar with this paticular product could comment…would like to wait as to save a bit of time.


      again cheers,


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      Eventide Staff

      HI J-

      I can't say for sure whether or not the H910 will work on 10.6.8, but it very well might. Some of our plug-ins that use OpenGL (a rendering API) definitely do not work on 10.6.8, but the H910 should be ok on that front. That being said, the development and testing on the H910 plug-in has all been done on 10.7 or higher, and it's built against the 10.7 SDK. So while it could work, we can't officially support 10.6.8. Apple makes it very hard to provide backwards compatibility.

      As gkellum mentioned, your best bet is to try out the trial version. It's pretty easy to set up and get going with, and that's the best way to determine compatibility with your specific system.



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      Hi, thank you for your reply… this makes me feel better about installing an H910 demo. My system has been solid, and with knowing relatively little about computers, err on the side of caution… next year looks like a new Mac for me so if it works enough to put on songs that would be great. If not, i could well purchase it anyways at this wonderful price, because time flies. And it’s something I’ve been waiting for a long time!





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