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      The manual (info in h9 control) says of the Performance Switch in H910/949 Algo
      “Performance Switch / REPEAT – Press and hold for infinite repeat”

      I really like this Algo but hitting a PSW always gives the same duh-duh-duh-duh repeat, regardless of BPM or Delay A or Delay B settings.

      Anyone else get any different results, or is it what it is?

      Thanks 🙂


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      The H910 / H949 algorithm reflects the design features of the original rack model(s).  If I recall, you’re locked to a 200 mS repeat buffer.  There are plenty other DELAY algorithms that extend the repeat buffer to the value of the DELAY TIME(s).  But they don’t include all of the unique parameters in H910 / H949.  Versatile algo; one of my favorites since the PitchFactor.

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        thanks Brock,
        OK, so it’s not me pressing the wrong button
        As you say this one has some unique parameters,
        it’d be nice if it had the same RPT behaviour as other DELAY algos
        We can but hope…

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