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      Hey Eventide!


      I love the H910, specifically the dual H910 plugin. A lot. And I want to do some things with it that I seem unable to do and I’m not sure why.


      Specifically looking here at the Micropitch Shift presets and wanting to modify these. How were they made? I do not seem to have the ability to reliably get the offsets that I want using the controls, but the presets must have been made somehow… how did you dial in +/- 8 cents? Aside from using the GUI controls I would much rather be able to access these values via my Push controller and Ableton’s parameter controls — for instance being able to use Ableton’s LFO or Envelope modulators to modulate the pitch in the micropitch range. The way this plugin is set up none of this is possible.


      I see on the Quadravox plugin that there is an easy way to control interval and cents. Actually, I’ve never heard of a plugin where parameters are not controllable at full resolution by anything but the GUI and I think it is an odd choice to have made. 


      Please tell me there is something in the works to address this. Thanks!

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      Eventide Staff

      Hi robbmonn-

      Glad you're digging the H910.

      Unfortunately, the H910 doesn't have the ability to precisely dial in micropitch intervals. The reason the Pitch Shift knob's precision is limited is because this is how the display was on the old hardware H910 unit (as well as the plug-in ratio display). Like a real analog potentiometer, the Pitch Shift knob does have better precision than what the display is – which you can access by command-clicking, and tuning by ear.

      Now, I believe that these Micropitch shift presets were created by editing the values in the preset files themselves, to a higher precision. You could hook up Ableton's LFO or Envelope modulators to the Pitch Ratio parameter, and modulate between a ratio of 1.00 and 1.01, for instance. The modulation would still go through ranges in between those values, though you wouldn't see it visually. I realize this isn't ideal, but when creating the H910 product, we wanted to be as faithful to the original (quirky) hardware unit as possible.



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