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      I love the sound of the pitchfactor. im intrested to get it. (Pitchfactor in the h9)

      Im also looking for create some wild pitch/chorus effects.

      The thing is, i want to carry on so few equipment as possible.. And i have seen that the pitchfactor have h949/h910 algorithms? And quadravox? 

      I know that they exists as plugins. So what does that mean? I can do the same thing on the plugin like on the pitchfactor? How about the presets do i get the same?


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      Eventide Staff

      The H910, H949, and Quadravox plugins differ from the Pitchfactor algorithms in several ways:

      The DSP in the H910 and H949 plugins are more fiathful to the original hardware units than the PitchFactor alg (due to less cpu cycle restriction), and Quadravox has a much more flexible UI in plugin form in addition to enhsnced DSP.

      The presets will not be the same as the Pitchfactor. There are in fact far more presets in the plugins as well.

      I would recommend demoing the plugins so you can get a feeling for how they sound.

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      Whats better to use for extreme chorus effects?


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