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      Hi guys

      Firstly thanks for the DLYSMP2/N module, it looks great

      I’m busy exploring this module and have a variety of things that I want to build based off it.

      I love this module and see many possibilities, around granular synthesis, sampling, high quality time stretching and others ideas.

      I have a few questions and feature requests for this module.

      • Firstly, is there a fully fledged sampler coming to the H9000?
      • Is there a Granular Sampler coming to the H9000?

      These would both be amazing additions to the platform – please 🙂


      Read/Write Samples from/to USB Storage

      Is there (or will there be) a way to load Samples from or, write samples to, the USB storage into this module?


      In order to playback from different parts of an audio recording, it’s currently necessary to set a BEGINPT and then trigger PLAY. Is it possible to PLAY the recording from a specific time in the recording without using the BEGINPT? So, e.g. send to PLAY Trigger a VAL that defines the MS into the recording to play?

      My concern with using BEGINPT is that I want to trigger grains between 20 & 100ms and this needs to happen quickly which in my testing doesn’t currently seem possible (because of CONTROL SIGNAL speeds) but I’m still testing. This would simplify it a bit

      Play Speed / Varispeed

      • Option to playback at 200% speed

        • Currently, to playback at 200%, I have to record at 50% speed, then speed up to 100% – recording at 50% lowers the quality quite a bit and even more so at lower percentages.

          Is it possible to support -200% to +200% Playback Speeds?

      • Currently, it doesn’t appear possible to record & dub at 100% speed but have the playback play at 50% without changing the PLAYSPEED first – this means you can’t DUB while playing at 100% but have the loop and overdubs play at 50%. So I’d like to record at 100% (full quality) however have the playback play at 50%, Dub at 100% and playback at 200%, etc.. So, e.g. it could be another playback MODE. This way it could be changed to support RECORD and DUB at PLAYSPEED or RECORD and DUB at 100% but PLAY at any speed?
      • Particularly when slowing down recordings, the playback isn’t great, it gets garbled very quickly unlike other modules that slow things down, e.g. MODDELAY. Speeding UP seems good though.

        As per the Vsig module reference for previous harmonisers, it states

        Use the normal sampler in machine A if you need longer recording times, or higher quality varispeed, as well as pitch change. 


      The possibility to play back different portions of the same recording simultaneously – defining loop points for say 64 grains or loops with independent fade and speed options.

      These could then be triggered with Midi Keyboard and performed or played programatically using a sequencer – an Independent output for each would make this even more powerful for independent panning, level control, processing, etc… 😉

      Question about “CONTROL SIGNAL” timings

      I’m running into problems trying to trigger REC, PLAY, STOP speedily from the control modules I’m using

      It seems that when I use the first method below, and the cycles are too quick, the DLYSMP2 can’t keep up, I think when the LFO rate was equal to around 100ms, then it breaks. Reason I’m using this is so I can control up to 6 or more DLYSMP from a Single Counter

      6 or More DLYSMP2

      Recording – Counter from 1 to 4 then Reset

      LFO(square) > A_TO_C > C_COUNTER > C_CMP2 (IF IN1 == 1) > C_TO_A > DLYSMP (REC)

      Playback (Same counter)

      LFO(square) > A_TO_C > C_COUNTER > C_CMP2 (IF IN1 == 4) > C_TO_A > DLYSMP (PLAY)

      Single DLYSMP2

      I do the following with better success but breaks down below 56MS cycle time

      LFO(square) > A_TO_C > C_COUNTER(OUT) > C_TO_A > DLYSMP (REC)

      LFO(square) > A_TO_C > C_COUNTER(RESET) > C_TO_A > DLYSMP (PLAY)


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      Hi Eventide

      I’ve been spending a lot of time with this module, developing a variety of algos from it and having lots of fun!!

      After this time, the playspeed is definitely a big one. It is necessary to be able to record at 100% but playback at different speeds which isn’t currently possible

      It’s neccessary to playback at least up to 300%, giving 24 semitones or putch shift, though 400% would be icing on the cake

      The quality of speed up is fine/good but slow down is not great – is it possible to get a higher quality slow down mode?

      These 2 are the biggies

      What are your thoughts?


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      I’ve uncovered the following strange behaviour, please confirm if this intentional

      When using DLYSMP2, with Playspeed set to -100%

      If you have LOOP MODE = 1 and you’re DUBBING, then it will just play forward.

      If however you have LOOP MODE = 0 & TIMEOUT MODE = JUMP TO PLAYING, then it will play backwards.

      But there’s no way to have the SAMPLER work automatically and play in Reverse or at slower or faster speeds

      By recording and then playing back, then reverse works but not slower or faster playing.

      It is necessary to be able to record at 100% but playback at different speeds including in REVERSE  with LOOP MODE = 1 & DUBBING which isn’t currently possible and requires a lot Hacking to simulate with limited success

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