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       I'm trying to use the Eclipse as a FX unit in front of the guitaramp.  I'm using DRY/WET Mix 80%. I'm using differnt reverb and delaysounds and want a sound that is totally clean (no FX).

      The problem is, that all presets I created all have different levels. Is there a way to use the Eclipse the same way as a normal Stomp (let's say a Boss etc…)? I mean that the Signal is always 100% and when you turn it on,  on top of this signal there comes the Effect. 

       How you guys handle level of differt presets live? 

       I know, that pressing the Parameter Button twice, there comes the FX

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      just off the top of my head you could try playing around with the routing…like, run your effects on A and bypass on B and run them parallel.  might work.  or you could buy a sound sculpture switchblade and never have to think about this kinda stuff ever again ; )


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       Hi Axel

      the optimal placement of a digital fx processor, providing time domain fx, is between preamp and power amp. If your amp has an fx loop you should use it. If it doesn't…. well…it doesn't.

      Levels should be taken care of in programming the presets. Your ear should judge what you perceive and adjust levels accordingly.

      Once you have set your I/O levels, under the LEVELS key (this are system parameters and can't be stored for every preset!), you should use the preset(s) levels, found under the second PARAMETER keypress window, LEVELS.

      FX A and B LVL are the outputs of each single FX block. Routings can severely change how levels and ear perception work. If a preset uses a serial routing, the FX A level will influence the FX B level since A > B. A parallel routing will work differently as each block is completely indipendent.

      You may well need to do some tweaking and ear testing with your presets anc check for the best levels. Their values can be very different from preset to preset, so don't be alarmed if you read very different dB values as your ear is the boss here.

      all the best


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