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      Thanks Italo.
      I got *everything* to work now, including controlling the modulation going into the CROSSIN with the C_TO_A trick from my MIDI foot controller. It's truly great, I can sustain any note, and do a controlled harmonic leaping on ANY note from my MIDI foot pedal (Behringer FCB1010), not just the few that my guitar neck allows. Feels like I'm cheating eheheheh. Best of all, I don't need to crank my tube amp to do that. Having said all that, cranked tube harmonic leaping still sounds a little better, but not that far off. This is really awesome!!! I'm starting to really unleash the power of the Eventide, and there are indeed no limits to what it can do. I couldn't do it without your help tough, so I do appreciate your comments and suggestions. I'm going to make a super module with it so I can combine it with my Floyd The Wall algorithm. How fun…
      I produce the code below for reference.

      HEADM adc 2 2 stereomixer-left stereomixer-right "Harmonic Leap" Empty 1 in_k-obj ;=225,0,100,0
      PITCHSHIFT "pitchshift l" adc-in1 21 -60 10 adc-null 1200 0 0 ;=150,25,100,0
      CROSSIN "crossin l" adc-in1 "pitchshift l-out" c_to_a-out ;=325,50,100,0
      C_TO_A c_to_a in_k-out ;=300,375,100,0
      KNOB in_k "knob: %f" knob 0 1 0.01 0 ;=100,525,100,0
      STEREOMIXER stereomixer 2 "crossin l-out" "crossin l1-out" 0 0 -1 1 ;=550,25,100,0
      CROSSIN "crossin l1" adc-in2 "pitchshift r-out" c_to_a1-out ;=325,175,100,0
      C_TO_A c_to_a1 in_k-out ;=300,500,100,0
      PITCHSHIFT "pitchshift r" adc-in2 21 -60 10 adc-null 1200 0 0 ;=150,275,100,0

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      I spoke a little too fast. I have a debilitating output level problem. I use a stereo amp, and the preset above is stereo, although the algorithm is 100% symmetrical. In any case, the left channel is getting almost no volume, whereas the right channel is perfectly fine at full volume.
      I checked the input levels and see no issues, all at 0db.
      Any ideas? Can you try my code on your machine?
      Is it possible that the expression pedal that I use somehow also controls the input or output signals against my will?

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      Unfortunately there is not much I can see in your file. The left input feeds a channel of a stereo mixer, the right input feeds a pitchshift and a knob is not connected and is not formatted. The sigfile means nothing to me.

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