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      Hello. Just bought Pitch Factor. Also have T.C. Electronics G-Force.  Is it normal for a harmonizer to be "limited" in how accurate a harmonizer output can be? I try simple riffs with a single harmonic "voice" and can never get the harmony to be correct throughout the entire riff. Am I missing something fundamental here? I'm trying to harmonize the lead breaks in Grace Potter's "Stars" and I cannot find a setting that works.  I usually have the voice +3 above the fundamental in the key of C (for this song) and I try all of the scale/modes and there are always notes that don't work.  Please help.  Thanks!

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      Eventide Staff

      1) Make sure you are giving it a good signal level. Peak indicators should flash from time to time.

      2) If you are using a diatonic shifter, be sure to set the right key.

      3) Most pitchshifters work best with single notes rather than chords.

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      nickrose, thanks for your response! I appreciate it very much.

      I am "slamming" the front end of the input with a Klon Centaur – I will increase the gain. I'm in the correct key which is C, but I've tried all of the other related keys.  And I am only playing single notes.

      I bought the Pitch Shifter because (well, I can't afford the full-blown Harmonizer) the G Force has the same issues (I am really the problem). I had hoped the Eventide would be easier to get a good harmony going.

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      Don't take this the wrong way, I have a PF too, make sure your guitar is setup correctly and playing as clean as possible. do you have the latest version? if you put I tiny bit amount delay on the harmonized tone it tracks better.

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      Hi jmseiver,

      Are the notes incorrect against the recording of "Stars" or are they not correct intervals for the diatonic mode that you have selected? If the notes are modally correct, then the harmonizer is functioning properly.

      I have noticed is many songs that harmony lines do not always follow the same interval throughout the entire phrase. I am not familiar with "Stars", but The Scorpions "No One Like You" harmony line changes from a third to a fourth in a couple of places. If that is the case with "Stars", you can achieve the correct harmonies by setting an expression pedal to adjust the interval of the harmony. In my case, I set the toe up position of the pedal to up a third and the heel down position to up a fourth. When the interval changes during the line I just change the interval with the expression pedal.

      I hope this helps.

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      Thanks for the tip.  That solution never occurred to me.  I will try it ASAP.  I appreciate you taking the time to help me!


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