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      I have 2 H9's which have replaced my timefactor and pitchfactor.

      I use the HarPeggiator in a bunch of songs and rely on the middle restart button in order to stay in time with my band.

      is there a way to map this to the big button or tap tempo switch on the H9?

      I'm aware i could use an aux switch but would like to be able to avoid one as I have little room on my board.

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      No, the performance switch cannot be controller on the H9 itself.  The options at the moment are to use an aux switch, a MIDI footswitch, or an iOS device…  We have been getting that request a lot though…

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      That's unfortunate, well I would like to request this for the big old H9 wish list 😉

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      I would like to add a request to restart HarPegiator from H9.

      ideally by pushing big knob or even with tap tempo.

      it is essential for this effect to be useable live.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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