Has anyone trouble with the bypass DSP+RLY?

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      Hello all!
      I've purchased some weeks ago an Eventide Timefactor. It's an incredible good device but I think I've some problem with the bypass. I didn't succeed in finding a bypass mode that don't kill the tail of the feedback of my delay.
      In fact, here's my question : if I set a long delay with maximum feedback and store it on a preset, then play some notes and then switch to another preset, the sound from the feedback of the previous delay must be heard until it naturally dies, right? (thus, one could superimpose musical phrases).
      Is there anybody to confirm/deny?

      Thanks for the… feedback and sorry for my bad english 😉


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      Hi Bruno,

      There is a Spillover feature that has been added to the latest TimeFactor Software update. It is accessed from the System Mode under Utilities in a menu called SPILL. This can be turned either ON or OFF. To use this feature you must update your TimeFactor if you haven't already. For more info on updates, visit the TImeFactor Support page here:


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      Thanks a lot for your reply, it's greatly appreciated.
      I'll update later this day, and we'll see 😉
      But until now, it's a great device you made. Thanks!!!

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