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      So I've had the Space for a little less than a year and as I have gotten other pedals, I have had to rearrange my pedalboard to make things work. I recently changed my pedalboard setup to run all my modulation through the effects loop on my amp since it seemed to be creating tonal issues. Now that I have ran it like this, my tone has changed for the better, but for some reason my space pedal has starting acting weird. The audio starts to break up and and sounds like something is getting overloaded and starts making weird sounds. I am also running two different delay pedals in my effects loop, but they are not always on. It first happened without the eventide effect active, and it was just my delay pedal(Boss DD-20). I did however have the space before the giga delay and realized I should probably try running it after the delay effects. It seemed to work fine for a little bit but the more intense it got it started doing it again, but only when the eventide effect was active. I tried turning the eq settings on the eventide to have a lot less low end but it would still do it. I need to figure out why this is happening now that I am running it through the effects loop as compared to running it all before the preamp and it never had this problem. And now that I think about it, is it possible that this is being caused by my amps eq settings since the space wasn't subject to the amps eq settings before?


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      Sounds like at least one of the pedals is clipping. Put them in the loop one at a time and you may find the culprit.

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