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      I purchased a modfactor used and was hoping to get the upgrade.  When I type in the serial number as on the pedal it gives me an error message.  When I take out the dash it gets me to the next page and it asks me where I purchased it and what city.  I fill in the info as ebay and new york and it says my serial number is wrong.  Am I unable to get upgrades since I purchased second hand?

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      I purchased my  modfactor on ebay and it was used.  I had no problem registering it.  I think if the previous owner registered the MF it needs to be unregistered so you can  take over the device.  I think Eventide can decommision the unit so you can start fresh.  Get in touch with customer service on Monday they will be able to help.

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      Eventide Staff

      You should first try creating an eventide.com account first, logging in, then trying to register your product.  If you still can not register, as rabiddiabetic13 suggests, please email support@eventide.com with the serial number of your unit and we will get you sorted out. 

Viewing 2 reply threads
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