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      Hi there,

      I’ve just received my h90 this morning. Trying to dial in the headspace delay and it doesn’t seem to sound any different whatever the number of heads is.

      So I would expect when it says ‘1’ to get single repeats at the tempo of the delay and if it says ‘1&2’ to get 2 taps for each cycle of the tempo.

      However, it sounds like all 4 heads are always on. I can make it sound like I want it to sound by turning down the volume of heads 3 and 4 to zero and then I can get heads 1 and 2 on their own, but this doesn’t seem like what the algorithm is supposed to do.

      Anyone else or any guidance on what I’m doing wrong?



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      I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong.  That’s how I approach HeadSpace.  All 4 heads are always in the “tape path”.  Pretty versatile layout, with individual head levels, panning, etc.  Then route the Feedback to exactly the heads you want.

      The delay time determines the longest delay cycle (division) at 1.  So I suppose you could also approach it by doubling up Heads 1 & 2 by setting the Head Div 3 & 4 to match Head 1 & 2.


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      Eventide Staff

      Yes, Brock is correct in his response. There is no way to determine the amount of Tape Heads, there will always be 4. If you’d only like a single tap, you can turn the volume of Head 2-4 to 0.

      The Feedback Path parameter determines which heads will be routed to the feedback path. For your single tap delay, you’d probably just want Head 1 in the feedback path. Any other setting will insert some of the other heads in the feedback path, even if the volume of the head is at 0.

      The delay time of each head needs to be adjusted using the Head Div parameter to create multiple taps. If you’d like 2 Taps, you could set Head 1 to a 1/4 note, and Head 2 to a 1/2, and Head 3-4’s volume at 0, I think that would accomplish what you are looking for. Doubling up on the Tape Heads with slightly different values can create interesting variations.

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      Could you help me to understand. If im wanted a 1/16 on Head 1, what should i be setting the time division to?

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      I never did determine what the ‘Min’ value in Head Div correlates to (exactly).  Away from my H90 now, so I don’t recall offhand if Delay Time can be locked to Tempo / BPM or not.  I can check back later on.

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      No scientific measurements, just a quick audio test, comparing HeadSpace to Digital Delay 1/16ths, in Parallel:

      Sounds like the way to go is set HeadSpace to Tempo Mode, the Delay Time to 1/2, and Head 1 Div to exactly 1/8 (no + or – %).

      A Head Div of “Min” seems to be a whole lot less at a Delay Time of Whole @ 120 BPM.   Min+50%, now that’s more like it [1/16].


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