Hearing an H9 stereo signal and Mixing Link’s balanced/unbalanced fx loop

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      I just built new cables for my studio and tested them this morning using an H9 and Mixing Link. Guitar was plugged into INST IN; TO FX went to INPUT 1 of the H9 and the H9’s OUTPUT 1 went back to the ML’s FROM FX. I monitored my playing through headphones connected to PHONES.

      Everything sounded great except that the audio from some of the delays would occasionally cut out. I thought, for a little while, that it was a failure of my cable building but I think I was perhaps missing sound from a stereo effect that I was only hearing in one channel.

      Studying the specs more closely, I see that the Mixing Link’s FX Loop has balanced/unbalanced jacks but the H9’s jacks are mono.

      So, for a PHONES practice configuration, what are my options?

      1. Is there a setting on the H9 to make algorithms mono? Or otherwise make it so individual stereo algorithms send in mono?

      2. Would a Y cable, with two TS jacks for the H9’s Outputs going into a single TRS jack for the Mixing Link’s FROM FX port work?

      3. Is there a smarter way to do this, like maybe go Guitar to H9 to the ML’s INST IN, leaving the FX LOOP out of it. But wouldn’t I just get one channel using this method, too?

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      It’s embarrasing but  I think what I was hearing was a previously unheard problem with my headphones.

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