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      With all of my controls and routing sorted I am trying to create some staple Programs. I thought a +1 Octave Pitchflex with an Expression pedal would be trivial but so far I have failed to make it sweep smoothly. Instead I can count all 12 notes of the octave.

      I have tried disconnecting from the H90 control app (apparently an old H9 issue) and that hasn’t helped. Can someone please help?

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      Eventide Staff

      On the Pitchflex algorithm, go to PARAMETERS and assign the Manual parameter to your expression pedal by pressing and holding the Quick Knob right under it. Make sure you assign the EXP input that corresponds to your expression pedal. If you need to, on the next page you can adjust the range of expression. Now your pedal will smoothly shift from one pitch to the other based on your algorithm settings.

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      Brilliant thanks. I then needed to unmap the Exp from Heel and Toe!

      At least I’ve learned a technique for sweeping intervals 🙂

      All working great now.

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