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      Good morning I hope you can help me, I bought a H9 max recently ...


      I have a Gibson les Paul and a Laney VC 30 2x12 amp

      I use a harley benton fxl8 pro switcher where several analog pedals are connected: OCD, RAT2, MXR MICRO AMP ... etc etc

      The switcher output goes directly to the amplifier input

      I put the h9 in the send return of the amp which should be parallel (I think so)

      My H9 has been configured in this way:




      Bypass: Relay

      Killdry on


      I put the volume of the send return (in the amp) to the maximum




      I get a significant drop in the volume of the dry sound, I tried to increase the output level of the pedal but only the effect increases, for example: on the delay it increases the volume of the repetitions and not the dry signal

      I tried to act on the wet / dry of the single effect but nothing I still have a decrease in volume, tried to act on the input through the app by raising the gain but nothing changes,

      Do you have any tips?


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      Eventide Staff

      If you set your H9 to "kill dry", it will kill dry and there will be a drop in the volume of the dry sound. You may try "DSP+FX Bypass" and turn off "Kill Dry".

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