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      Hello! I’m wondering if its possible to set up the H90 in the following way:

      I’d like to use my strymon iridium amp & cab sim as an insert so it is after both effects in series and also use another mono input on the h90 which is an output from a modular synth but I don’t want the modular synth signal to go through the iridium. Is it possible to set things up this way?




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      Can’t figure out how to edit my post, but to be more specific, having the iridium as an insert isn’t necessary. In the end I’d just like to have two mono ins, and two stereo outs!

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      Hello ddoyen,

      • Connect the guitar to In 1 and your modular synth to In 4.
      • Create Insert 2 and set its Mix parameter to 50%.
      • Position the insert so that it appears last in the chain after two Presets in series.
      • Your guitar will be processed by both presets but the synth signal will only be mixed with the guitar to the output in stereo.

      It would also be possible to connect the Iridium to Insert 1, which is I/O 3 on the H90. But because you’re using Insert 2 (mono) already the Iridium can only ever receive a mono signal; nevertheless, you can place it anywhere in the chain, even right before the synth. Note: if you place the Iridium between the Presets, the effect from the first Preset will be output in mono, but the signal from the second preset will be output in stereo.

      I recommend this video to understand using the H90 as a mixer:



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