Help.. my H9 Max cannot received any signal from my guitar

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      had a gig and my h9 was working fine. then turn it off.. went home… in the morning when i want to play the guitar, i turned it on and no sound at all coming from my amp. i test every pedals i used, everything fine except my h9. i tried just using guitar > h9 > amp still no sound. the green LED also didnt blink at all.
      help me please

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      Eventide Staff

      Make sure you are plugged into input 1 and output 1. Try different cables.

      Is there normal activity on the display ? If not look at the power supply and its plug.


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      Probably not, but perhaps it is in muted Tuner mode.

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      I’m having the same issue no sound on bypass or when engaged. Cables I’m using working perfectly fine, connected to input 1 and output 1, normal effects settings, it’s in DSP mode, factory reset it and even updated it still no sound. The green light don’t come on. Signal chain is guitar-> H9 -> focus rite interface


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      This happened to me.  I searched the Net in vain for answers.

      I learned that those in the know know that the lack of green light means your H9 needs repair.   Few will respond to a question like this b/c they don’t want to be the bearer of bad news.

      They don’t want to break this to you: stop wasting your time looking for answers.  Just send it to Eventide with $100 (a very good deal). Good luck.


Viewing 4 reply threads
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