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      So my new TF worked for about 5 minutes yesterday when it arrived, then when cycling through the presets, it hung up and the screen went to 'update'. 

      After multiple tries, I finally got the update to run, but then it hung up on the 'restore' step.  This went on for quite some time (hours).  

      Tried with Mac OS X 10.6.8 and 10.5.8, neither will complete the update (they hang up on 'restore'). 

      Pedal is non-responsive, sometimes starts up and says 'eventide', sometimes says 'update', sometimes has a blank screen with the 'digitaldelay' light solid.  

      Good times.  Spent about 10 hours so far with the pedal.  5 minutes of which was playing. 

      Any ideas?

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      Ok, so after a BUNCH of tries, the pedal seems to be working now.  

      However, on two different macs and a PC, the update utility failed to actually complete the update.  The last time we just cancelled the update after about 30 minutes at the 'restore' step.  

      Powered on and off a bunch of times and cycled through presets etc., seems to be ok so far. 

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      Eventide Staff

      Sounds like a bad internal connection, probably in the program memory. If it is new, you might want to return it to your dealer.

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