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      Hoping I could get some advice. I was at a Jam last night and somebody stood on the power strip switch which my pedals were connected to. I turned them back on and everything seemed fine then I noticed my Space was sort of cycling through random lights and off. Kind of rythmically just bunch of the screen and leds flashing then nothing, on/off at a rate of about 2 seconds.

      Anyone seen this? Any advice.

      Damn I hope it is something simple, was going to add an H9 to my set-up would hate to have to pick up a new Space instead 🙁

      Thanks for any help

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      Eventide Staff

      The fact that it was triggered by a power problem suggests that your power supply or its connections were damaged – you should try and borrow another one and see if it makes the difference. If it does, you can get one from the Eventide Web Store.

      Otherwise, try a "Restore Factory Settings" as described in the UM.

      If both the above fail,

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