Help to achieve this Meris LVX preset with my H9 Max?

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      I just bought a H9 max and I would like to know if I could achieve this specific sound effect that the Meris LVX lovely does with its preset called “Dream Fifth”:

      It sounds just beautiful!

      If I understand it well, it is basicaly a delay (echo) that is played at the fifth?

      I am still digesting the H9 Max user manual but if some of you can point me to the right direction, I would really appreciate 🙂 !



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      Many ways to get there in the H9 Max.  H910 / H949, HarModulator, Diatonic – QuadraVox (Key & Scale doesn’t matter); probably more, even reversed with Crystals.  Set the Delay(s) to a fifth, Mix & Feedback(s) to taste (not too much).

      If the algorithm you choose has reverb or slur, you might want to dial a little of that in to blend it all together.  Let us know how you make out.

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      Thank you brock for this first tips to explore!

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