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      Ok let me first attempt to understand how the chorus effect works.  We take some signal and delay it by x ms.  To get the "chorus" sound we modulate the delay by some amount.

      Ok so does the Xnob on Organic chorus set the minimum delay?  What I really want to do is have a delay that is modulated with a triangle wave with about 3ms of offset. 

      So Depth controls how much I change that that delay and speed controls how frequently it goes from delay_max to delay_min correct? 

      How does intensity work.  Is this like a dry/wet mix knob for this effect?

      I still can't believe no one at eventide has tried knocking off the CE-1.  Guess I'll keep tweaking and working of deciphering the schematic. 

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      How much does depth change the delay by? 

       0 (on the delay knob) = x ms? 

      100 (on the delay knob) = y ms?

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