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      Hello everyone. So I'm the proud owner of a pitch, time, and modfactor and I have a ground control pro and control switcher (for amp channels) on its way. Now my question is, I would like to use the gcp in 4 presets and 8 ia's mode. Is that possible to do with the eventides?

      for example, can I have preset 1 have a clean channel with chorus(modfactor) and delay (timefactor) and them step on IA 1 and switch the chorus to a phaser but keep everything else the same? Is any of this possible or will I have to use the gcp in 10 preset mod and plan out every possible program change combination that I want to use?

      any help or advise would be very helpful, thanks

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      I can assure you that the Factor pedals can accommodate your request but as for programming abilities of the GCP you'll have to take that to Voodoo Labs' forums.

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      Cool thanks

Viewing 2 reply threads
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