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      Hello, I have the next pedals, and I´d like to know if I can use PowerFactor on them:

      1. Digitech Whammy

      2. Big Muff – ElectroHarmonix.

      3. Soul Preacher – Electro-Harmonix.

      4. English Muffn´- Electro-Harmonix.

      5. V256 Vocoder – Electro-Harmonix.

      6. Electric Mistress – Electro-Harmonix.

      7. Deluxe Memory Man – Electro-Harmonix.

      8. Cry Baby – Jim Dunlop.

      9. Micro Q-Tron – Electro-Harmonix.

      10. POG2 –  Electro-Harmonix.

      I think Eventide should post more info about powerfactor compatibility, as a lot of people don´t understand pretty well technical info like ampers, miliampers, volts.  or ac/dc stuff…  Thanks very much. I´d appreciate your comments.

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      For the Whammy you'll need 9V AC and the EHX English Muffn' needs 12V AC. Since the PowerFactor only provides DC voltages these two pedals can't be powered with PowerFactor. Deluxe Memory Man and Deluxe Electric Mistress (if your Mistres is Deluxe) both need 24V DC, which is also a bit of a problem with the PowerFactor. In fact your mix of pedals needing two isolated AC voltages, 24V for two of the pedals and several other 9V ones is not an easy task. I'd have a look at CIOKS AC10 and CIOKS DC10. These two in combination or the PowerFactor plus the AC10 would power them all.

      Poul Ciok

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