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      Hi All,

      I've only had my Pitchfactor for a couple of months but already I am getting some great "non-guitar" sounds with it. I'm using it to give me a lead synth sound for Pink Floyd's "Shine On You Crazy Diamond"

      I'm using the PF at the beginning and again at 5:15. It took a while to get the patch just right, but now the tracking is great and it's really fun to get into some "keyboard territory".

      As far as my band, the clip is from our fourth gig and this is the second time playing Shine on live. So there is room for some improvement…


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      You know the rules!  What's the 1st question you will always get after posting a cool setting on an Eventide Stomp Box…???


      Tell us how you got there 🙂

      Great tones btw 🙂

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      I second that motion…. rules are rules, after all. 😉


      Actually, I wouldn't mind a run down of all equipment used: cables, other pedals, amps, and anything else? Just curious…

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