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      The hiss is pretty bad. Does anyone use a line supressor/gate after their timefactor? Does it take the hiss away? Thanks

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      haven't found anything to get rid of the hiss yet. The good folks at Eventide are aware of the issue. Alan is top notch and he and I have been communicating about a resolution for some time.

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      I only have the Modfactor, but when I was using it with my daisy chain power there was a loud hiss, and when I used it's own adapter the hiss disappeared… not sure how you're powering it but that was my solution.

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      I've tested this pedal every way possible and the hiss is always there. My take is that the op amps/processors are generating the noise and are amplified as you increase the "Wet" signal. I've tested to the extent of not plugging anything into the input and mono out (out switch selected as amp) into the amp input and the noise is still present. Also, if you select a patch with modulation, you'll hear the noise modulate per the effect patch. again adjusting the wet/dry increases/decreases the noise level. Again all this tested without a signal input to the time-factor.

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      I've got the same thing.  It's there all the time if I'm in DSP Bypass – only when engaged in Relay mode.  I'm powering the unit with it's own wall wart on a surge protector with supplies for a couple other pedals – should this affect it?  The noise is pretty bad…

Viewing 4 reply threads
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