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      i use the Quadravox alg quite a bit these days and am wondering if it is possible to assign to the hot switch button the ability to toggle between two predetermined keys.  given that on this algorithm there’s no “hot” button but rather, a “learn” button am i correct in assuming it can’t be done?  i know i can do it w/an exp pedal but i’m trying to keep my board as compact as i can.

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      Looks like you want an onboard solution.  I can’t think of a way to do that in an H9.  The most compact solution would be any kind of (external) momentary switch.  A latching switch might be even better.  Plug it in like an expression pedal.  Any per-preset expression pedal mappings [KEY, MODE, DELAY GRP, …] can be switched between the “Heel” & “Toe” extremes.

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