How accurate is the H90’s Tuner?

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      I’m seriously considering going with the H90 (hard to believe, I know 🙂 ), and my question for tonight is its tuner.


      I used to have a PolyTune 3, but once I purchased a Peterson Strobostomp HD, my ears were opened to a whole new world 🙂


      My question is if the tuner on the H90 is as accurate as the StroboStomp HD?

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      In my experience, no. But I’m a bass player, so it may be better for guitar.

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      As an owner of both the H90 and Strobostomp HD, I think it really comes down to interface rather than accuracy. Both of the tuners seem to measure pitch incredibly accurately (I mean, the H9/H90 is universally well known for its pitch tracking so….) the Peterson just has a massive interface meticulously designed to react and visualize even the smallest turn on your tuning peg. The H90 does just fine, but it’s no where near as visually responsive. I plan on keeping both on my board.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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