how are people getting 50 banks?

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      I upgraded to v3 (beta) and still only get 10 banks. Sorry, I'm a newb to this pedal.

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      After entering System mode, turn the Encoder to select
      [UTILITY], then press the Encoder to

      enter the Utility functions settings mode. Turn the
      Encoder to scroll through the following

      Utility functions. Press the Encoder
      to select and set:



      [BANKS] – Select
      the range of Active Preset Banks
      (1 – 50)

      Press the Encoder to select. Press the Left Footswitch to
      select the lower limit and the Right

      Footswitch to select the higher limit. Turn Encoder to
      set the lowest and the highest active

      banks. Only Presets saved in active Banks are available
      for loading using the Footswitches. All

      Presets may still be loaded using MIDI
      program change.

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      You'll need to set the maximum number of banks in the System Utility menu in order to access all 50 banks. In the user manual, this is towards the end under "System Menu Tree" >> "[UTILITY] – Utility Functions" >> "[BANKS]". You can set the number of available banks from 1 to 50.

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      Eventide Staff

      Note that there is a bug (sorry) which can make it hard to go beyond 49 banks. Off by one strikes again.

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