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      I’m late to the party it seems but I have an H9 Harmonizer Stompbox and only just saw that you have to upgrade to Max to be able to access new sounds and purchase. I have now done so, everything is up to date on the latest software but I am unable to try and purchase any new algorithms on the app. How is one supposed to do this now? Am I missing something? Please help quickly as I feel this is an easy fix and I’m just not understanding the new set up but I have a gig coming up and need new sounds.


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      furthermore, maybe it’s not possible to buy individual sounds anymore but supposedly the max upgrade comes with a bunch of new sounds but I am not seeing any new sounds on my stompbox!

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      Eventide Staff

      Hi Burnheart, congratulations on Maxing out your H9 and thank you for supporting Eventide!

      1. Now that you’ve conducted the Max out, all you need to do is pair the H9 to H9 Control and make sure you have the latest version of H9 Control.

      2. Make sure you have the latest version of the firmware installed on the pedal.

      3. Next, back up your presets to a list on H9 Control.

      4. Then, go to the Settings tab on H9 Control and click on “Sync algorithms on H9 with Server.”

      5. Conduct a factory reset by turning the pedal on while simultaneously holding down the right footswitch and hotknob LED button. This is why you needed to back up your presets, just in case.

      6. Once this process is done, your H9 will be loaded with all 52 algorithms. You can load the latest factory preset list off the H9 website or create your own custom list and download it to the pedal via H9 Control.

      Let me know if you have questions.

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