How can I bypas presets on TIME/MOD/PTICH FACTORS at same time?

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      I have them linked via midi and I can get them to change the presets but they will not bypass – when I I turn the 'master' pedal off none of the others bypass.

      What are my options? Can I get an Aux switch into my master unit and set that to 'BYPASS' all of them? If so – how? And what Aux pedal would work?

      Very keen to sort this out – it is great to be able to turn all 3 on but crazy to not be able to turn them off. Anyway, any advice?

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      The best option would be to connect an aux switch to one of the stompboxes and set it to control Bypass in the AUX SW menu. Then in the MIDI XMT CC menu set that aux switch to transmit a MID I CC. On the other stompboxes set that same MIDI CC to control Bypass in the RCV CTL menu. This will give you a master Bypass from one switch.


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      I don't think it is crazy, there are just some compromises one has to make.  It is pretty hard to design a product that does everything, that is not cumbersome to work with.    I might suggest a true bypass footswitch to take them all out of the loop.

      For one thing, unless I am missing something, the bypass  toggle using midi  is a switch,  once your pedals are out of synch (some on, some off), you will be turning some on and some off when you switch them all with the midi solution.

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      No doubt – there are always compromises. But these pedals have huge power – in my books I was very surprised when I hooked up the midi and pressed go and they all turned on. It ws that easy, and it made me smile. That was awesome. I was also surprised when I went to turn em of and only 1 turned off. That made me scratch my head. You are commenting this as someone who has not done that and scratched their own head when it didn't work. It seems like such a simple thing for me. Not complaining, just surprised it was so easy to turn em on, but I have to go buy stuff to turn em off.

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      There are actually three different Bypass command options:

      BYP  This option always bypasses

      ACT This option always puts the pedal into Active

      TOG This option toggles between Bypass and Active with each press.

      So using either BYP or ACT they will not be out of sync with each other.

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      I try to do this between Space and TimeFactor. Space must be the master control because TF don't has XMT CC with the AUX Switch. So I program the AUX Switch to bypass both of them, but it bypass the space but not TF, I must press the button to activate TF, when I release the button TF bypass. Is a problem of my switch or a update of this stompboxes?

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      With my Time Factor, when I use the BYP option it seems to act like the TOG option except that it will begin in the bypassed state. Subsequent Program Change messages of the same value to the BYP function tends to make the TF toggle between bypassed and active. I find this a bit of a pain because if I accidentally hit my midi controller footswitch button a second time it makes the TF active again instead of remaining bypassed.

      Is there a way to fix this? or do I just need to be really careful?

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