How can I get my H9 input to recognize two guitar amps in stereo?

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      Antonio Bonomo

      Good day!  I’m running two H9’s, one into the other, in stereo.  When I first got the 2 H9’s, I was running them in the effects loop of a single guitar amplifier (Katana Mk II 1×12 100w), and it sounded great, but I wanted more, so, I have since added a second guitar amplifier (Katana Artist MkII), as well as a Soundcraft Signature 12MTK mixer.  I’ve set up the routing to allow me to send signals through the H9’s from a few different sources. All of these sources can feed the Master, for listening/playing, and each signal can be sent into my DAW for recording the dry and wet signals at the same time.  I have an SM7B that I can route through the H9’s for vocals, and I have an EPS 16+ (Synth) that I can route through the H9’s for effects. I have set up my guitar pedal chain to feed through my tuner pedal. This allows me to split the signal from the pedal chain to send it to two places: one guitar cable goes into the mixer, and the other cable goes out to an ABY box, which again splits the signal to feed into the front of each of my two amps.  So far, so good…  The amp effects loops (the amps’ “FX Sends”) enter the mixer via their own dedicated channels, and that can then be routed into the H9’s. The way I’m feeding all three sources to the H9’s is using the mixer’s Aux 1&2. I believe this is where my “problem” lies.  The left input on the H9 recognizes the input of the guitar, but it doesn’t seem like anything is getting into the right input, even though I’m sending the signal to it.  I believe the problem maybe lies in how it was originally set up – or maybe it resets every time the H9 powers off…  All of my pedals and my mixer are connected to a power bar.  When I turn off the power bar, everything shuts down at the same time, the pedal chain, the mixer, and the H9’s…  The Aux 1 cable goes into the H9’s left input, and the Aux 2 cable goes into the H9’s right input, and the H9 uses smart detection to figure out if the input is stereo or mono, so, how do I make it recognize stereo when it isn’t seeing it …?   I am tired, and am probably not explaining this as well as it needs to be, but I’m hoping I’m been succinct enough to get my point across.  I CAN make it work with just one guitar input, but the whole point of having two amps was to be able to have two different amp characters, one feeding into each side of the H9’s, and that feeding back into each amp separately, and it doesn’t seem like that’s going to work, even though I have them panned left and right …  All of this $ invested and don’t want to get frustrated, but am getting there…  Any help would be appreciated

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